Our Work Frost Valley YMCA

Frost Valley YMCA
URL: www.frostvalley.org

The Need: Frost Valley YMCA is one of the nations largest and most recognized Summer Youth camps and destination resorts located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. For the past 6 years Frost Valley had been managing a consistently growing static HTML website (250 plus pages).  They very much needed to reduce the cost of maintenance, both internally and externally, as well as bring the site under a central content management system to support the decentralization of content creation.

The Challenge: We were tasked to create a new site that incorporated state of the art features but reducing the overall size and redundancy of content. This included the migration of 250 plus pages of static content as well as 5 separately hosted blogs into one centrally managed installation of WordPress.

The Result: Next Step delivered a newly designed website that utilized several techniques for content sharing and reduced the overall size of the site by 20%. New features included a site-wide photo gallery tool, admin user management tools and site-wide call to action management.

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