Our Work The American Museum of Natural History

Belsky Digital Signage Interactive by Next Step Digtal

Client: The American Museum of Natural History

The Need: This digital interactive was designed to replace an archaic 1960’s era microscope which was connected to an old television set up to view minerals in the Belsky Mineral Hall at the American Museum of Natural History. The Curators at the Museum wanted an exhibit that visitors could interact with and learn much more about the minerals rather than just watching the old microscope zoom in and out and display an image.

The Challenge: Assess the content and curatorial needs of the Museum staff. Rapid prototype a user experience and wireframe that encapsulated all of the data points and user interactions. Then design, build and install a touch screen display that allowed Museum Visitors to interact with the Minerals they were viewing and learn interesting facts about the minerals on display.

The Result: We were able to work with the Museum to make sure all of the content was “curatorially perfect”, the user experience and implementation were flawless, and within minutes of installing the interactive, we watched Visitors walk up to the touch screen and start interacting with our work intuitively. Additionally the interactive detects if there has been no interactions with it after a period of time, and then falls back to an eye catching animation. When a user clicks on the screen, it shifts into interactive mode.

This is the only exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History of its type or built with this technology.

Belsky Digital Signage by Next Step Digital

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