Digital Strategy and Planning  

When designing a digital project, you need proper plans.

When users can’t find what they need, it’s often because of poor information architecture: poor content organization, or simply the lack of a clear navigational system. Put simply, information architecture or User Experience (UX)  can make or break your digital project.

At Next Step Digital, we specialize in helping our clients erase the barriers to efficient and clean retrieval of information. Your users will interact more easily with your system, leading to increased responses and successful lead conversions.

Whether the goal is to implement a new content management system, develop a mobile application or website, or enhance any digital project, we can help define the goals and help ensure the success of the project by proper planning.

Next Step Digital has a full offering of Information architecture and planning services.

This includes:

  • Content audits, analysis and organization
  • Clear documentation of sitemaps, navigation/user flows and annotated wireframes
  • Classification scheme/taxonomy design and analysis
  • Navigation analysis and design
  • Landscape and competitive analyses
  • User testing

We take planning the user experience seriously.

Every user of your digital project is multi-faceted and different.

These users are also considerably more complex than they themselves can imagine.  We have to watch user behavior; we have to listen to what people say and to recognize what decisions people make. Through this observation and understanding we can then provide an evaluation of why these users make certain decisions, or take certain paths to a single goal or multiple goals.  We also carefully study what kind of visual elements the user would prefer or understand easiest. What kind of navigational systems or functionality do we think they will interact with, and how do we make that experience efficient and ultimately worthwhile for all users?

Understanding user and stakeholder needs is our goal.

We strive to understand these users through our discovery phase. Here, our team will systematically determine and document the details for every aspect of the project and its supporting systems. We will also review previous analytics systems and establish who the target audience and markets are. Stakeholder interviews and meetings are completed and ultimately an information architecture document encompassing proposed sitemap and wireframes will be presented to you for discussion.

During this phase of the project, we also establish the functionality needed for the site prior to graphic design. Digital assets will be organized and cataloged for use on the site. Branding guidelines are established and implemented in this phase.

Are you ready to start planning your next digital project?

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