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What is your content saying about you?

No matter what your business is, or its size, or how fast it’s growing, the content on your website speaks volumes about you and your company. When developing your web presence, it’s important to know that one of the most common mistakes businesses make is not paying enough attention to their content. Poor or inadequate website copy is as egregious a misstep as not enough information, poor navigation, or eyesore graphics. So getting the content piece right is mission-critical for any business.

To try to figure out whether your content is saying the right things, here are some of the questions our team at Next Step Digital would ask as part of our initial content consultation phase:

1)      Is the copy clean/grammatically correct?
2)      Who is it geared toward? Is it saying the right things for that audience?
3)      Is it true to your brand? Is it speaking in the right voice and tone for your business?
4)      Is your content timely? Does it talk about what’s happening right now, or what’s coming next? Or does it need a refresh?
5)      Does it strike the right balance—not overly wordy, but offering enough details to take the next step?
6)      Is it helpful? (Being helpful is a brand builder.)
7)      Is there a clear call to action? Or does it send customers down rabbit holes?

What is a content strategy?

A content strategy guides the creation, publication, and oversight of useful and effective content on your website or mobile application. In order to produce a consistent stream of content mapped to individual user and buyer needs across all phases of the site experience, an effective content strategy is a must-have component of any digital project.  Let’s face it, content is a critical business asset of the highest importance in meeting internal and external business goals. Keeping content fresh, on target and crafting it to work and be useful for the intended audience is key, which is why a clear and concise strategy is required. Next Step Digital has developed numerous content strategies and tactics that have driven measurable success for our clients.

Why do I need a content strategy?

Enacting a content strategy fosters a climate of efficient content production and publication once the site has gone live. This makes it easier for existing and new employees to follow the approved model and dramatically improves the experience of a website visitor regardless of why they came. Content in some form is the reason why anyone will be visiting your website, so quality content that is published in a strategic way is vitally important.

Good copywriting brings real results.

Good web copy does more than simply inform. When combined with an effective content strategy and search engine optimization tactics, effective website copy attracts visitorsand captures their attention. It drives them to find more information, to request a quote, and to ultimately buy your product or service. Our content and copywriting team has decades of experience crafting stylish and useful web copy that can be used not only on your website, but more than likely in other marketing materials you may create in the future.

We incorporate SEO as a best practice.

When we set out to design your website, we analyze your existing marketing, keywords and phrases customers have used or will use to find your website, and we develop a plan to get your new website to the top of the search engines. All of our copywriting practices at Next Step Digital are geared not only to help users find what they need, but also to help your website reach peak performance on the major search engines.

We get users to click what we want them to click.

Our website copywriting utilizes powerful call-to-action components that motivate your visitors to take action. It all comes down to that one critical moment when a user decides whether or not they are going to do business with you. We can craft the most beautiful, usable and well-worded website in your industry, but if site visitors don’t click what we want them to, be it a form, a call to action, or adding an item to the shopping cart, then the site is not working to its fullest potential. We understand this and avoid the common mistakes other agencies make in this regard. Our proven method brings real results.

At Next Step Digital, our editorial content team will work with you to sort through these questions to get a read on whether your content is working for you. Depending on your needs and internal resources, our involvement can be either advisory or more hands-on. Our seasoned editorial team has the capability to offer clients the following services: copywriting, feature writing/blogging, editing, and/or content management. Let us help you develop clear, brand-appropriate content that will help your business grow.

So now that we’ve sold you on the benefits of having great copy and a content strategy, are you ready to start talking with us about your next project?

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