Our Work New World Bistro Bar

Ric Orlando's New World Bistro Bar in Albany New York

URL: www.newworldbistrobar.com

The Need:  The New World Bistro Bar in Albany New York, had an outdated and underutilized web site and sorely needed an update that matched the freshness of its cuisine and decor. The restaurant has an extensive special list that is updated daily, as well as numerous menu’s that are now available for view on the web. Additionally hundreds of user’s receive their email newsletter for updates, and now new user’s can sign up for the e-newsletter directly from any page on the website.

The Challenge: The New World Bistro Bar website had extensive amount of menu’s and content that needed to be migrated to the new design. Additionally, the new design required new and updated photography to be created  to showcase the visual beauty of the food created by this Albany New York eatery. The site needed to be flexible enough to allow for new menu’s, specials and images to be updated on the web easily by non technical restaurant staff.

The Result:  A brand new and eye catching wordpress based website that is managed on a day to day basis by New World Bistro Bar Administration and Kitchen staff to keep the content as fresh as its food. The site is integrated with constant contact for New World Bistro Bar’s e-marketing needs and currently is the main internet facing presence for this eclectic website.

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